Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentDiabetes is a medical disorder causing production of excessive urine in the body. The most popular name of this medical disorder is diabetes mellitus which is known to have the ability to be complicated if not handled in more professional manner.

The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie is a well compiled program that offers information on how to handle issues of rapidly increasing diabetes in the entire world and throw light on some newly invented medical advice regarding to the condition.

Also, this book is designed to intimate people more on how to treat or handle the issues regarding diabetes without taking any drug. Reversing diabetes naturally with the use of some healthy selected foods is possible and the possibility is discussed on this program.

What Is 7 Steps to Health (also known as Big Diabetes Lie)?

7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes LieThe Big Diabetes Lie is a well organized health book written by Dr. Max Sidorov in order to address the issue of diabetes which is one of the most popular sicknesses in the world today.

This book started by introducing readers to benefits of proper nutrition and how food can affect human health and also help control or even completely eradicate diabetes from the body.

Consumption of white sugar which is now rampant in the world has been allied to the main cause of diabetes. You will learn more about this through scientifically proved data gotten from extensive researches about diabetes in this book.

Some of the foods this book specially explained can cause diabetes include white foods and fast foods like white pasta and gluten with grains inside.

The book also advices the reader to focus more on consumption of real foods and clean water which helps not only in cleaning up body but also in weight loss.

How The Big Diabetes Lie Work?

Handling diabetes can be confusing mostly when you want to do that in a natural way without any form of pharmaceutical drugs, injections or even surgery. That is the reason why Dr. Max Sidorov just focuses this book to all things about diabetes and how to completely eradicate it using the natural way.

Diabetes CureThis book comprises of 20 chapters and 540 pages which base on nutrition and other possible things that can help cure or remedy diabetes. Through this book, you will learn how to cure or completely eradicate diabetes without any form of medications. So, you will not need to bother about injection, pills, or even surgeries to get handle your diabetes.

The information on this book is compiled from the data proved scientifically and backed with researches in different parts of the world. Knowing the causes of a sickness is half way curing the sickness. That is the reason why this book is organized to offer you all the information you need to know about the possible things that can cause diabetes sickness.

Another thing discussed in this book is some foods that can either cause or worsen cases of diabetes. Some of these foods are: Meat, sugar, fats, white floor products, coffee and tea, excessive salt, white meat and others. Due to the enormous harmful effect of these foods, it is important to consider them while battling with diabetes cases.

My Personal Experience with This Program

Prior to the time I wrote this review, I have taken up to 6 months to try the program and the content of this program really address issues that made battling with diabetes easier.

The truth is that this book has been a huge blessing to me as I was almost confused with contradicting advice from people about diabetes treatment before coming across this book. The diet plan I tried before was quite boring and also the dosage of metformin is quite difficult to take.

But, with the help of Big Diabetes Lie dealing with diabetes has become easier than ever. Understanding what Dr. Max wrote in this book was just simple to me when I read through the book. That made it easier for me to handle diabetes without any kind of issues resulting from the method. Another thing is that following the steps and nutritional plans offered here is quite simple and easy!

The Big Diabetes Lie reviews

What You Will Get Inside?

There are whole lots of things you will get from this book which is not ordinarily available in other books. Most of the information here are covered and restricted to the public by the pharmaceutical companies so as to avoid people knowing the best and most effective ways to eradicate their diabetes.

Some of the things you will get through this book include: guides on how to differentiate between unhealthy and healthy fats like the Omega 3 and Omega 6 saturated fats. You are also going to learn more about some food sweeteners that have the tendency of increasing the size of livers and kidneys as well as emaciated thymus glands.

You will equally get more gists about diet sodas as well as secrete that help eradicate diabetes in insulin by some medical experts in Norway. You will equally get list of foods what work more than metformin for treatment of diabetes you will find out the common spices in your kitchen that can improve metabolism of glucose in your body and much, much more.


There are lots of benefits and advantages loaded in this The Big Diabetes Lie which made it the best among other health foods. Some of the advantages associated with this book which you made it important for all diabetes patients include:

  • Helpful and informative as well as concise focusing on education that regard to management of self-education.
  • You will get list of recipes that are not only easy to follow but presented with well organized illustration.
  • You will get practical advice on how to deal with your diabetes through this book.
  • This book is also offered to users with sixty-days guarantee for full refund of money if you are not satisfies with the result you get from the book.


Does 7 Steps to Health and Big Diabetes Lie content worth the price? If this is what you are asking, you are not to worry as the answer is simply yes!

Just like every other program for diabetes solution, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with this program. Also, it is not a magic pill that can handle your diabetes.

The information is quite comprehensive and you will be sure of getting your refund in case you think you are not okay with the information loaded in this book. Just go through the 20 chapters and 540 pages of this book and you will get the guide on how to handle your diabetes.